These 3 Animals May Look Dangerous, But They Aren’t

The first thing that people do when they see you is judge your physical profile. The same goes for the first time they see certain animals. Either in picture, video, or of they see it in person.

That’s why we’re going to name 3 animals in the article that appear dangerous, but aren’t.


Don’t think a sloth is scary, or intimidating? You’ll reevaluate that thought if you ever see one in person. 4-inch claws, beady eyes, and teeth that were literally made for biting, and grinding. I didn’t even mention the fact that they can turn their head 360 degrees, Exorcist style.

But their actually very passive, playful creatures. If you ever met one it would probably just want to mess around… or lick you…. with their 12-inch tongue.


Unlike the sloth vultures don’t play around. They just avoid. They won’t look at you, and attack you even though they look like they would.

Now if you provoked one? Yes. They would try and kill you. But who would provoke one of those things?

Sea Pig

You’ve never heard of a “Sea Pig” before, and don’t try, and pretend you have. The closest you’ve ever been to knowing what a Sea Pig is depends on if you’ve ever seen the alien that jumps out of your chest on the movie “Alien”.

These things are harmless though. They wouldn’t harm a fly. Mainly because they’ve never seen a fly, as they live 1,000 Meters underwater.

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This post was written by Anthony, and edited by Caden O’Rourke. To view more posts like this go to

“Pets Don’t Talk. So Let’s Be Their Spokespeople”–H2DIpets

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