3 Things Your Cat Likes You To Do

There’s a rivalry between many dogs, and many cats. Whichever one you choose may determine your personality. The point of this article is to pander to those weirdos which love cats.

Cat’s tend to be a lot shyer than the dog, and they seem to want more privacy, unlike some dogs that seem to love jumping all over you and love to lick people’s face.

However, like every single animal in this world, there are things that cats like that will increase your relationship.

So here’s 3 things your cat likes to you do.


The average human will probably spend seven to nine hour in their bed sleeping. That’s nothing compared to the average cats 12-16 hours a day.

With all that sleeping, and all your not sleeping they’re sleeping alone half the time. So your cat would simply enjoy it if you laid next to them, or watched tv with them, etc.

Scratches & Pets

Cat’s have nails that you should probably be terrified of. They can mess. you. up. Yet while you would agte for a cat to scratch you, they would love you to scratch them.

They love it, and it shows you love them. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s simple. Its scratching.

Just Sit Somewhere Where They Can Watch You

Cats sleep so much during they day, that for the time they are awake they’re keen, and observant. They also mark their territory. When you put these 3 things together you get the fact that cats watch, and protect their territory.


You may say “That’s cute… Aww!”, but how do cats mark their territory? Oh yeah that’s right: Scratches, & Spraying urine.

Your cat has probably already marked you, and they would enjoy it very much if you–their territory–were in a place which they can see at all times.

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This post was written by Anthony, and edited by Caden O’Rourke. To view more posts like this go to H2DIpets.com

“Pets Don’t Talk. So Let’s Be Their Spokespeople”–H2DIpets

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