3 Foods You Probably Didn’t Know Were Dangerous For Dogs

Sometimes you just have to say no to things whether that is not taking that job offer or it is not buying something because you don’t like it; saying no is a part of life.

The reason why I bring this up so strongly is that when your dog gives a cute face and is looking to take some of your food you need to say no to save the dogs from potential sickness.

There are things humans can eat that dogs won’t be able to handle and the last thing you want to do is seriously hurt your dog so in today’s article, I will be giving you three foods that are very dangerous to dogs.


It is very difficult to find a reason why you shouldn’t eat an avocado, cause it’s incredibly delicious, it’s healthy, and it tends to be very natural.

However, avocados are actually dangerous to dogs, and this due to the fact that avocados can lead to things like vomiting and diarrhoea.

Also, the large seed could get stuck in their teeth, throat whatever, the point is: Your dog could choke.


Some people enjoy getting their dogs drunk, or high. But little do they know that alcohol has the same affect on dogs as avocado.
Alcohol has claimed the lives of many humans and it is difficult to overcome. Alcohol will affect your liver and your brain and due to the fact that dogs are not as strong as us, it means if they have alcohol then they are much more likely to be affected quicker.

I’m not saying your dog could get addicted, but who knows? I mean did you hear about the elephants that got addicted to heroin?


Grapes can make your dog sluggish. Turning your friendly little pal, into a little couch potato. In a bad way. Also they can cause kidney failure. Soooo…?

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This post was written by Anthony, and edited by Caden O’Rourke. To view more posts like this go to H2DIpets.com

“Pets Don’t Talk. So Let’s Be Their Spokespeople”–H2DIpets

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