3 Foods Dogs Love That Are Good For Their Health

Dogs are starting to adopt some of the lifestyle choices that humans make, and yes that includes the Healthy Food trend. So in todays article I will show you 3 healthy foods that dogs love.

Keep your dog healthy, happy, and well-fed.

Cooked Chicken Breast

Ckicken is one of the worlds most popular foods. So much so that there’s over 19 billion on this planet. And your dog probably loves it more than you do.

Cooked Chicken Breast has a lot of protein in it

, and it males a wonderful treat for your dog. But be sure that its cooked fully, and properly, or else you, or your dog may die.


Another food you should consider is the use of yogurt, which can be great for the dog’s digestive system, with additional protein, and calcium.

Your dog will absolutely love yogurt, to the point that you may have to limit their intake. Don’t forget about the sugar, and other stuff. I wouldn’t recommend more than 1 cup a day.


Apples are just a great fruit, in general, and they have great flexibility because they can be used in so many things. You can slice them, grind them, blend them, or mix them into your dogs food, adding in additional flavors or for your perfect pup.

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This post was written by Anthony, and edited by Caden O’Rourke. To view more posts like this go to H2DIpets.com

“Pets Don’t Talk. So Let’s Be Their Spokespeople”–H2DIpets

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