3 Things Your Dogs Like You To Do

Written By Anthony
Dogs are viewed as a man’s best friend and it’s for good reason. There seems to be a connection that Man and dogs have that is quite strong and there can be a couple of reasons for that, for example, you can give your dog lots of rewards and the dog will repay you back with his trust and love.

However, there are a couple of things you can do that can increase your dog’s affection for you.

Such as…

Exercise Your Pup!

Giving your dogs some exercise is a great way for them to enjoy themselves and for them to get healthy.

Humans are not the only one who need fresh air, and exertion of energy, dogs can hugely benefit from those too.

To have fun with your dogs find yourself a local park with lots of grass, and all you need to do is get a ball, frisbee or something you can throw, that they won’t choke on. I cannot stress that enough. So no rocks, or stuff like that.

Doing this is a great way to build trust, and friendship with your dog!

Grooming & Rewarding

You need to groom your dog for his/her health, and their enjoyment. Sure they might not enjoy the bath, but I’m sure they enjoy it when you brush their hair.

No doubt dogs love treats. I give my dog one, and he nearly bites my hand off!

Well these two things are near vital for doggy friendship building, and can even make your dog trust you more.

Keeping Him Safe & Maintained

Dogs are such great animals and it’s a shame when they’re mistreated. So do your part: Make a donation to an agency, or foundation that will protect other dogs, and keep yours maintained, and safe.

Dog Maintenance is simple

  • Food
  • Water
  • Potty Breaks
  • Attention (Possibly Constant Attention)

This post was written by Anthony, and edited by Caden O’Rourke. To view more posts like this go to H2DIpets.com

“Pets Don’t Talk. So Let’s Be Their Spokespeople”–H2DIpets

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