Brightleigh Stats Newsletter #1

This is Brightleighs 165th Post, and we are very near being 5 months old. Our current stats for 2019 so far are listed down below.

  • Visitors: 157
  • Views: 278
  • Likes: 33

And this Marks our 47th post for the year 2019.

Our stats are slowly rising in 2018 we got an average 4 views per post. In 2019 we get an average 5.9 views per post. A 47.5% raise.

Our follower count has risen by 7 (roughly 54.5%).

Our like average for 2018 was 0.79 likes per post. In 2019 it is only 0.70 meaning that our like average is Down by about 11%.

Our visitors in 2018 each Viewed an average of 1.9 posts, that number is down as in 2019 they only view an average of 1.5 posts each, which means we are down by 21%

In general it can all be summed down into the following.

  • Views: UP 47.5%
  • Followers: UP 54.5%
  • Likes: Down 11%
  • Visitor View Count: Down 21%
  • Total Site Growth Percentage UP 70%

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